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Hardware Engineer
Hardware Engineer
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Bluefors is the leading manufacturer of millikelvin cryogenic systems for quantum computing. We are now looking for a physicist or device engineer in the area of quantum hardware research and development (R&D). As a member of our R&D team you would be able to work within a world-class R&D environment to directly support the commercialization of state-of-the-art quantum computing systems.

Main responsibilities:
- Perform hands-on innovative measurements of electrical components, hardware, and cryogenic systems
- Support Bluefors’ R&D program in product development and system verification.

Qualities and skills:
- MSc or PhD degree in physics, electrical engineering, computer engineering, microwave engineering, or closely related field.
- Demonstrated hands-on experience in electrical test and measurement as evidenced by one or more successful projects, internships, or peer reviewed articles.
- High level of technical competence in dc or rf electrical devices, applied electromagnetics, sensors, and/or interconnects.
- Strong work ethic and ability to perform electrical measurements independently. Good interaction and cooperation skills.
- Passion for building and improving complex and cutting-edge electrical systems and experimental apparatuses.

We also appreciate:
- Experience in working with solid-state quantum dots, superconducting qubits, low noise amplifiers, or quantum transport
- Experience in microwave-frequency measurement applications; knowledge of microwave calibration techniques.
- Experience in working in a cryogenics laboratory
- Proficiency in writing and troubleshooting data acquisition software in languages such as Python.
- Demonstrated technical proficiency in one or more of the following areas: superconducting devices, microwave devices, magnetic devices, nanotechnology, semiconductors, SQUIDs, single-electron devices, low noise electronics, amplifiers, cables, filters, MEMS, or qubits.
- Basic knowledge of quantum computing systems, hardware, measurement techniques, and current challenges.

If you are interested in the position, apply as soon as possible. The interviews will be held already during the process and the position is filled once a suitable candidate is found.

For more information in the position, please contact
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